Since day one, our goal at TOOLZILLA has been to build a direct-to-consumer tools and accessories brand that could deliver fiercely strong products at affordable prices. However, at heart, we’re far more, TOOLZILLA is all about the lifestyle, passions and dreams that our products support.

Our products and aftercare service are designed to maximise your satisfaction. Whether it’s having a high-quality set of allen keys on hand to adjust your mountain bike while out riding, or having a reliable staple gun for your latest upcycling project, we have the tools you need to support your passions.

"Based in Yeovil, Somerset, TOOLZILLA was born out of a passion for product development, manufacturing innovation and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Our passion for customer satisfaction sees us seeking out perfect product designs and combining them with unmatched pricing, ultra fast delivery, and 24/7 inhouse customer service."

Alex Bell | Founder & MD

Alex Bell Founder of TOOLZILLA